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Brief Description of Biology and Physics Department of IAIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh

Tarbiyah Faculty, at Ar-Raniry Islamic University (UIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh), provides eight departments which are classified base on their specific studies and programs, namely; exact program and non exact program. Exact program consists of four departments. They are TFS (Physics Department), TBL (Biology Department), TKM (Chemistry Department), and TMA (Mathematics …

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Two Kinds of Reading Techniques

Reading is an activity of reader to get knowledge and to understand appropriate meaning from a book.  It needs thinking process to follow the thought of the author. In reading activity, sometimes a reader does not read all the sentences in the same way, but she/he realizes on a number …

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Three Kinds of Reading Models

Based on the tehnique of reading process, the development of reading models can be classified into three phases: Bottom-up Model, Top-down Model, and Interactive Model. 1. Bottom-up  Bottom-up Model came into being in 1960s, which emphasizes that readers, taking reading materials as information input, start from letters and words recognition …

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Three Types Of Schemata In Reading Proccess

Coherent relationships are required to make sense of text. The three types of schemata are content, formal, and abstract. Content refers to clearly evident relationships obvious from a topic. Formal is distant connections based on understanding of generalizations and mindset. Abstract involves hidden factors and thematic considerations. 1. Content schemata …

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The Brief Description Of Schemata In Reading Process

Schemata is an actively thinking mental activity. It is a thinking process to predict, verify and acknowledge information according to readers’ previous information, knowledge and experience, and also an interactive language communication between readers and the writer through text.  This is a reason of why the writer chose the Biology …

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One Of The Problem In Learning English

One of the problem in learning English is the lack of vocabulary knowlegde. Vocabulary is one of the component thats supports four skills of English learning. Nunan in Language Teaching said that, “the acquisition of an educate vocabulary is essential for succesful second language use because without an extensive vocabulary, …

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The Ability An Using English To Everyone

English is a medium of communication which can help people to interact, converse, and share to other people. English is as an international language that’s why it is possible to everyone to communicate with other people around the world if someone has an ability to use English. The ability in …

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