One Of The Problem In Learning English

One of the problem in learning English is the lack of vocabulary knowlegde. Vocabulary is one of the component thats supports four skills of English learning. Nunan in Language Teaching said that, “the acquisition of an educate vocabulary is essential for succesful second language use because without an extensive vocabulary, we will be unable to use the structures and functions we may have learned for comprehensible communication”.

In communication, students need vocabulary which can support them to produces   and use meaningful sentences because vocabulary provide organ of sentence. That’s why vocabulary is very important to be mastered. Harmer classifies that, “Then it is vocabulary that provides the vital organs and flesh”.   For that reason the students have to develop their vocabulary and master it in order to be able to communicate with other.

Vocabulary is not only sign of symbol for ideas but also a part of how to improve language skills in the target language. The more vocabulary students learn the more ideas they should have, so they can communicate by using their ideas more effectively. It is mentioned by Julian Edge, “knowing a lot of words in a foreign language is very important. The more words we know, the better our chance of understanding or making ourselves understood”

However, students sometimes get difficulties to use or apply the vocabulary. Their difficulties in using vocabulary which have been studied can be caused some reasons. One of the reasons could be in the method which is used by the teacher in presenting the lesson in the classroom. That’s why the appropriate method in delivery the lesson in the classroom should be considered.  In accordance with this issue, the writer believes that the way how to increase vocabulary is more important that the material itself.

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One way to develop student vocabulary is by using an appropriate time for them to get and to memorize new vocabulary. Many of studies said that, morning is a good time to memorize something.

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