The Process of Teaching Vocabulary in the Morning

The process of teaching vocabulary in the morning is running everyday after shubuh prayer except, Tuesday and Friday. The students are gathered at the class or the field which is suggested by the teacher. This activity started with the questions about previous vocabulary from the teacher. The punishment would be given  by the teacher to those students who could not answer the question. The punishment is non physical punisment but they will asked to stand up in front of their friends and memorize the previous vocabulary.

Futhermore, the teacher gives students new vocabulary, than they study about the vocabulary together at that time. The teacher would not allow the students to give the meaning of vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesia, but they are instructed to describe it in the way they understand, such drawing picture and other. The students got three new vocabularies each day.

The Process of Teaching Vocabulary in the Morning

At the end of activity, the teacher asked students to put each of new vocabulary in a good sentence. Than the teacher allowed the students to go to their dormitory for another activity.

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