Two Kinds of Reading Techniques

Reading is an activity of reader to get knowledge and to understand appropriate meaning from a book.  It needs thinking process to follow the thought of the author. In reading activity, sometimes a reader does not read all the sentences in the same way, but she/he realizes on a number of words to get an idea of the sentence. Then the reader just needs to looks at the passage for looking an idea and the overall organization of details. So the reader can catch or understand what reading tells about.
There are various definitions of reading which are defined by researchers. Schultz said that, “Reading is the ability of the reader to draw the essential meaning in the each word read as beginner do.”  It means while reading, reader have the ability to describe the important word in the text.

According to Grant “Reading is a complete multi skill process, it is not really to say that only one of these objectives can be focused on only one level”  in these sentence Grant would explain reading is a skill which involves many skill processes that have mastered by reader, by doing it, not only the information that be found but also other objective which relate to language skill.

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In reading students should consider about the technique that will be implemented reading process. There are different styles or technique of reading, for choosing a good technique will depend on the purpose for reading. There are a lot of techniques that can be implemented in reading. Here, there are some techniques that suitable for reading with different Schemata.

1. Skimming

Skimming is used to quickly identify the main ideas of a text. This is one of strategies to collect important information in mind. Sometimes when the reader read the books or news paper, he or she is probably not reading it word by word. Skimming is done faster than normal reading.
There are many strategies that can be used when skimming. Skimming for a piece of information is frequently easier if  we know that it will stand out from ordinary print because of such features as capital letters, numerals, special types of print (italics or boldface), or punctuation marks.  Or the other strategy, First, read the first and the last paragraphs, summarizes, and other organizers as we find in the page. Than the reader might read the title, subtitles, subheading, and illustrations.

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2. Scanning

According to Burmeister, scanning is used when the reader wish to quickly located a word, fact, data, name, and et cetera.  When scanning, reader tryies to located specific information and lets eyes wonder the text until finding what looking is for to be able to scan.

In most cases, reader knows what she or he is looking for, so it makes the reader will concentrate on finding a particular answer. Scanning is also used when the reader find a first resource to determine whether it will answer in questions or not. Sometimes, scanning and skimming can be done in the same time.

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